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Smoke on the water

Well, that socks

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1.0 Travel notes

I am writing this on the lovely shore of Lake Geneva – or at least in a hotel room with lake view. And while the day is dawning, it dawns on me that being a fancy technologically advanced writer on the road might not be what my future holds for me. (No surprise here.)
And maybe that’s just because my thumb already aches from typing that one paragraph on my phone.

So this is a short one, mostly to check in on you guys – how are you doing? Everything is alright? Do you have a comfortable place to sit? Do your little demons balance each other out or do they cause inner turmoil?

2.0 Well, that socks

European people all smell the same, because they’re using too much washing powder.

Maybe that’s just me, who is overdoing it, though – I walked more than usual yesterday and when I took off my socks, they smelled like detergent instead of foot. Maybe that’s not so bad, all things considered.

3.0 Consumer Advice

While we’re on the subject of cleaning chemicals: don’t buy Perrier Citron Vert soda. It tastes like bubbly water with dishwashing liquid and not refreshing at all.

Have a good day and try to get enough rest!