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Wow, Much Dragons


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Yes, there is one today.

1.0 Links!

1.1 Read me!

There is a public beta for Reeder for Mac and it is pretty good.

1.2 Game of Goats

You might want to watch this video of goats yelling the Game of Thrones theme.

1.3 Game of Questions

I am Peter Dinklage. You probably know me as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. AMA!

1.4 Tessier-Ashpool

“Now we just need a hashtag,” Ms. Hanley Mellon said.

The Mellon Lifestyle as a Brand – it’s hard to write a more absurd article.

2.0 Anger!

I can see how people might not understand how other people lead their lives. That is pretty normal, we’re all not so good at realizing that we’re not the only person with a fairly complex inner life.
What is really perplexing to me is how and why people might get angry about how other people go through life, especially if it does not even remotely influence their own life. While we all like to make fun of hipsters, I don’t see why someone from Hicksville, Südschwarzwald (a.k.a. my home town) would need to write really, really angry rants about Berlin hipsters on Facebook. I really do not get it.

Thanks for reading, have a good week.
(Man, that was both disgusting and highly satisfying on Game of Thrones, uh? Little prick. But I sure hope that the actor, who seems to be quite a good dude, manages to step out of the shadow of that role.)