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Cocaine, allergies and doing nothing.

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Hello internet friends,

you might not be aware of this but I’m not a big fan of eating stuff that comes out of the water. Well, this might change now: Shrimp Are Testing Positive for Cocaine and Scientists Don’t Know Why
Finally I can live the agency lifestyle.

Since it’s not cocaine in my nose it has to be something else that makes me sniffle – and well, yes, just like so many other people I have a pollen allergy. Turns out this is another side effect of toxic masculinity: Botanical Sexism Cultivates Home-Grown Allergies
There’s a joke in there somewhere about how in trees it is not the males who shed messy seeds, but this is a family show here.

Excavations show hunter-gatherers lived in the Amazon more than 10,000 years ago which is a couple of thousand years earlier than previously thought. Lately it seems these signs of very early humans pop up all around the globe, quite amazing.
And I’m pretty sure that pollen allergy wasn’t a problem these people had.

Meanwhile in the modern times we can sort of look around and now: it’s all a bit pointless. The Case for Doing Nothing is pretty compelling.

Well, I guess that’s what I’ll do now until it’s time to sleep.