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Hello and Good-Bye

I’m back – but only to say good-bye.

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Hello internet friends,

surprise! Bet you forgot about these newsletters.
Well, so did I. What was for a while a cherished ritual started to become tedious and then I just stopped. And I guess that’s what Mailchimp started to think about Tinyletter, too: they will shut it down in February.
And while I haven’t written one of these mails for many years I wanted to use this opportunity to reach out and send a final hello to all of you. Or maybe a penultimate one. I might do one more in January.

I haven’t quite given up on the concept of newsletters, though. For this year I have been writing and posting week notes to my blog and I plan to continue doing so next year.
And I have been link-blogging more and more, too.

One of my ideas for next year was to combine these two things and also send them out as by email. In some way as a spiritual successor to this newsletter here.
Would that be something anyone of you would be interested in reading? I might use the last moments of Tinyletter to give it a go in January. If that’s not your cup of tea please feel free to unsubscribe with the link at the bottom of this email. I’ll probably export the subscriber list and send out new emails with a new provider. (Never Substack, though. For good reasons.)

So, have a good December everyone. Take care of yourself.


PS: I just realized I stop writing these before the pandemic. Can you imagine what an interesting documentation of those times the newsletter could have been if only I kept on writing it? Yeah, me neither. But the potential was there.