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Cancel everything.

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Hello internet friends,

it’s a new week already, uh? Time flies when you’re having fun.
Warning: today we’re being a bit morbid with all four subjects being either extinct, past their prime, very old or about to be replaced in the near future.

Let’s start with the extinct – scientists in the Philippines have found a new species of Homo from the Late Pleistocene of the Philippines (For those of you without a subscription to nature – here’s a link to CNN.)
Pretty fascinating to think how these hunter-gatherers somehow made their way from Africa (which still seems to be the theory behind the origins of hominins) made it to those South-East Asian islands.

Oh no! The golden age of YouTube is over – or at least that’s what The Verge claims. While a lot of it might have to be taken with a grain of salt, I do notice that a lot of the people whose videos I watch on there kind of stopped lately. Oh well, as long as the hour-long videos of randos just walking around cities are still up, I know I have stuff to watch.

Ironically enough the next link is now to a Youtube video – and what a nerdy one: A 20 Year Old DOOM Record Was Finally Broken
I mean honestly… wow. That’s a lot of dedication to something that doesn’t matter at all. Not that anything does, really.

There were many articles about the 737 lately and for good reason. This one from the New York Times has been the best so far: Boeing’s 737 Max: 1960s Design, 1990s Computing Power and Paper Manuals
If you want the gist in a quick video, here’s Vox with an explainer video.