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AI will save us all.

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Hello internet friends,

hey, it is still Monday-ish. Stop complaining. (Hahaha. As if someone would complain.)


If you bought an accessory for your smartphone-ish device on Amazon lately and especially if you picked the one with the rating over the one that is a tiny bit cheaper, you probably bought something from Anker. (And – free consumer advice: if you didn’t you probably should have. I have a whole lot of their stuff and I’m very satisfied, indeed.)
The Verge has more: How Anker is beating Apple and Samsung at their own accessory game


Neural networks seem to be fun. At least if we use them for something useful – like coming up with new names for colors: An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that are hilariously wrong

Before Effects

These days every single moving picture looks like it has been thoroughly manipulated on a computer. But how did they do these things before that was possible? Well, at least for one aspect you’ll know after you’ve clicked here: When TV Logos Were Physical Objects (That Eurovision thing is amazing.)


I haven’t actually seen a fidget spinner in real life but I am already sick of the internet jokes about them. I’m even sicker of people who decided that these probably extremely harmless thingies are in any way dangerous or bad. Honestly, don’t be grumpy. Every generation has their useless toy, the kids these days have the fidget spinner. Apparently this is something that needs to be said: In Defense of Liking Things

That was quite alright, wasn’t it?