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Dogs, dinos, cars, the weather, clones, cars and a robot bird!

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Hello internet friends,

if you use twitter – and oh boy, do I understand a “oh hell no!” reaction to that idea – you probably have seen the account that rates dogs. Today we learn about the guy behind it: We Rate Dogs – Matt Nelson Turned Joke Twitter Account Into Successful Business Overall he seem to be a pretty okay dude.


This is Nodo. He likes to eat plants and looks fantastic in his armor. 12/10 would pet.

The Amazing Dinosaur Found (Accidentally) by Miners in Canada – that is indeed pretty amazing. I can’t really see the feathers, though.


This is Talking About Weather. It helps to connect people who might not have much in common and works well to bridge awkward silences. 10/10 would talk again.

Letter of Recommendation: Talking About the Weather – I’m all for it. At the moment I have to interact with a whole bunch of different people and since somehow everybody is either talking about football or the weather and I don’t know anything about football, I’m all for having this rather safe subject.


These are Group B rally cars. They’re very fast and loud and amazingly unsafe. 13/10 would watch.

Group B rally cars are awesome, and we just drove some – to be fair, they “only” drove two of the not all that famous ones, but these are still lovely little cars.


These are Guy Fieri, the Guy From Smash Mouth, and the Guy From Insane Clown Posse. They’re probably clones.
And now we need to break character – they’re probably not very good clones, either.

But the theory that they are clones is a good one: A Unified Theory of Guy Fieri, the Guy From Smash Mouth, and the Guy From Insane Clown Posse Being the Same Person (and/or Clones) – so there is that. Let’s just do it this way. 11/10 would meme again.


This is robot falcon. It warns real birds of dangerous areas. What a hero. 14/10 how nice.

Robo-Falcons Will Scare Off Actual Live Birds at the Edmonton Airport – If that works this sounds like a great solution. And maybe even fun for someone who gets to chase birds with that little drone.

Toodles and きっと勝つ!