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Monkey See, Monkey Drink

Drunk monkeys, bees that play football and all the colors.

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Hello internet friends!

Good news! We’ve reached the fourth year of this newsletter and just to warn you – I have decided to change things up for a little bit.
First things first: This email will now reach you from a different email address than before. I’ll actually be using my proper newsletter domain for the email instead of my personal email address. (This might help you to filter these emails, too – if email from set priority to high would be my idea for a good filter.)
I’ll also try to structure the links a bit more. While I enjoyed writing prose and just throwing links in whenever I felt like it, the most common feedback I got was: “Hey, have you seen this awesome article that you linked to last week but I didn’t see because I didn’t click all your links?” Sooo… here we go.
I hope you don’t hate these changes too much and if so, please be gentle when letting me know.



Turns out alcohol consumption is such a basic fact of human life that it actually precedes humans. Scientists have been working hard to go all scientific method on the “Drunken Monkey Hypothesis” by Robert Dudley and so far it looks good for our drunk ancestors.


If you’re not smart enough to avoid Twitter you might have seen the “white guy blinking” meme. Unlike other people who suddenly turned into a meme Drew Scanlon is in on it – as he should be, given that his job is to create internet content.


Bees are even smarter than we realized – they are even able to learn how to play football.


More or less all of the new voice interface bot services these days have a female voice. The good people at Quartz decided to sexually harrass these bots to see how they react.


Well, this is pretty: this guy in the 17th century decided the world needs a book with all the colors. Or at least the 271 watercolors he managed to mix together.

Well, does that help? 🤔
Either way: to those of you who have been around for a while, thank you very much. It sounds like a cliche (because it is one, but whatevs) but without you it’d not be fun to write these.

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