A weekly-ish email to my internet friends


76: Never Equally Distributed

Hello internet friends! It’s another monday and I am still not over the fact that “Can you forward me that email?” translates to “Print the email and put it on my desk.” for some people. Oh well. Onwards. If someone had told me I’d read a profile about a software engineer on that is […]

72: Uncanny Grape

Marcel the Shell returns, the Uncanny Valley of Instagram and a clock made of attractive people.

69: Hehehehe.

Hello internet friends! Here are some links for your enjoyment: There is much to learn from the paper towel – Craig Mod is praising single use tools, both digital and “in the real world.” Andre Braugher, the Undercover Comedian of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ – a great article on a great actor. How the Shinkansen bullet train […]