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No More People

Can’t wait.

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Hello internet friends,

did you know that Currywurst is 70 years old this year? Well, me neither. Luckily there’s a coin to celebrate this anniversary and oh boy… just look at it.

Just like a plague of locusts, humans are everywhere and the worst. And it is common knowledge that this is just going to get worse and worse and worse until every cm on earth is covered in human.
Now some people say: not so fast, common knowledge. The World Might Actually Run Out of People.

“This might be something for your newsletter.” Indeed it is, thanks Ben.
A 25-Year-Old Dinosaur Jr. Song Is a Hit in Japan. Nobody Knows Why. – there are some hints in the article, but maybe it’s just a sudden attack of 90s nostalgia. Either this or the rent-an-uncles play the music of their youth to the children of today.

Hey, if you’re still using Twitter – why not clean out your follow list with this fun app? Tokimeki Unfollow
KonMari all the things, I guess.

Here is the Immigrant Song, performed by Transformers. Enjoy.