A weekly-ish email to my internet friends


63: For The Articles

Hello internet friends! Everything you need to know about the celebrity image hack is over here at[1] ◔̯◔ Remember how I stopped using Facebook? Yeah? Good times. In my quest to find the magic that the “early”[2] web was to me, I also decided to quit Twi… wait, no. But I decided to finally […]

38: Sparkle

Hello, internet friends! I have mentioned my new-ish experimental web-log (this is the origin of the word blog, kids!) in Monday’s email and I noticed something funny about using as a platform. Quick aside: A couple of (internet) years ago, reacted to the fast rise and hipness of Tumblr and introduced a way […]

20: Dance

Here I am, back again. I am so sure you missed these emails. 1.0 Vexed Honestly, do yourself the favour of watching Orphan Black. The story is crazy and the acting by Tatiana Maslany and the supporting cast is really, really good. The second season just started, but if you only start now, you should […]