A weekly-ish email to my internet friends


Ugh. But true.

We are all too smart to be happy.

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Hello internet friends,

did you manage to read all the articles I linked to last week? Hm?
If you didn’t, you might want to instapaper them and take them on that trip to Cuba that you want to take before it’s ruined.

If you read this chances are that you have given me your email address at some point for exactly that reason: that I can send you these letters. But what happens if someone asks for your email address just because he wants it?

I wanted to link to this article for the pretty funny last paragraph, but then I realized it’s not actually that funny and it’s about some marketing stunt for a band that I don’t particularly care about. So… meh.

Talking about meta-commentary – a lot of people tweeted that Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy article and oh boy, is it obvious why. Because it lets people look at their own miserable sad lives and go: “Hmm, well, that must be because I am so smart!”
Of course that’s not true for all of you, you are all very smart, but try to keep it in mind – it’s a fun little pattern to observe.

Now I am not so sure, though – does that mean that Danes are not very smart?

Another article that everybody linked to last week was Uncanny Valley and oh boy, this is a great one. Very well written and amusing if you think that “Silicon Valley” is a too positive look at the internet industry. (You are watching “Silicon Valley”, right?)

Now a link for people who make websites: The history of ‘this website is well-crafted’ hints – well, true. I might need to look into the whole serviceworker thing.
Now a link for people who (play and) watch StarCraft II: The life of Life: Chronicling the rise and fall of Lee “Life” Seung Hyun – this one is pretty sad. An extremely gifted player, stopped by his addiction.
Now a link for people who think about Social Media: The Feed Is Dying – ugh. But true.
Now a link for people who use batteries: Researchers have accidentally made batteries that could last 400 times longer – by “last longer” they mean “more cycles” and not “only need to be recharged every month.”


PS: Ahem. Why did no-one tell me I have written “Vol.2” for the last couple of emails?