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Free Stuff! Printers! Scooters!

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Hello internet friends,

did you ever wonder Why Do We Need to Sleep? Turns out – nobody knows. (Of all the things we need to do, it is one of the best ones, though. Ah, sleep. That’s where I’m a viking!)


This post by Frank Chimero has been making the rounds and for a good reason: Everything Easy Is Hard Again Web development is constantly moving forward and evolving, which gets us to the weird point where people with twenty years of experience and people who just start at the profession have to learn the same new things.


Probably seemed like a good idea at some point: Racing Wood-Carved Scooters at Breakneck Speed in the Philippines – pretty fascinating and given the complete lack of breaks on these things and the fact that the race course goes through villages with a big group of spectators, I’m not too sure about their safety record.

Electric Bogaloo

As much as everybody tries to have a paperless office – well, everybody but let’s not go there – there’s a printer somewhere tucked into a corner and for sure it jammed at least once before. Turns out – the reason why paper jams persist is quite a complicated one that a lot of very smart people keep trying to solve.

Office Space

Talking about offices – these are just wonderful: Your Favorite TV Shows Brought To Life With Amazing 3D Floor Plans (Even though I do have an opinion of calling your own work “amazing.” Oh well.)

Free Stuff!

Amazon is “trying” to clean up their review section – by showing which reviewer actually bought the item. Which leads to a weird phenomenon: people actually buy the stuff and have it sent to random people, just to have that flag on their fake review account: Fake reviews on Amazon means you get free stuff

That’s all I have for you this week, see you next time!