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Alien stones!

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Hello internet friends,

why not have a tea and read an interesting slice of internet?
For example – how the word tea and the word cha traveled the world.


No, we’re not bitching about their image sorting algorithm today. We’re talking brands. And especially Instagram brands: The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed. Lovely, isn’t it? And it seems to work rather well: Instagram Ads Are Basically Infomercials for Millennials


These days we’re very used to stuff turning into (usually very short-lived) memes and “go viral” – but back when we were all young and the internet was fun, this was a new thing: The Strange History of One of the Internet’s First Viral Videos

Space News

These stories don’t have anything in common except “space,” but here we go:

Bird News

Is there anything more badass than hawks starting bush fires to feast on the small animals that run from the flames? Why These Birds Carry Flames In Their Beaks

That’s all, enjoy your tea!