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It’s Cold Out There

A cable guy, a hitman and a curler walk into a bar.

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Hello internet friends,

yes, being the cliché that I am I did decide to be a software developer guy mostly in the hope of not having so much contact with people. This mostly worked out fine for me so far – I hardly have any contact with real customers and that suits me just fine. And every time I read an article about a job that is almost only customer contact I feel reassured in my life choices. I mean… read this: I Was A Cable Guy. I Saw The Worst Of America. and tell me I’m not right.

When was the last time you hired a hitman on the darknet? No, I don’t really want to know. It is also very likely you were scammed. I mean – what did you expect? Try old fashioned voodoo or something, that should work better.
And while you wait until it does, why not read The unbelievable tale of a fake hitman, a kill list, a darknet vigilante… and a murder?

Red Dead Redemption 2 seems to be by all accounts a good game. Turns out it is also very invested in being as realistic as possible. And that even includes the fauna of the time: Birding Like It’s 1899: Inside a Blockbuster American West Video Game

Quick, tell me one sport that you only watch during the Olympic games and that you completely forget about once it is over?
Chances are, you thought of Curling. Now what happens if you happened to be a former professional athlete who still has the competitive itch? Well, duh, you do something like that: Jared Allen’s Curling Team Of Ex-NFLers Is Starting From The Bottom And Aiming For The Olympics

Stay warm and safe!