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Amazon Bees!

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Hello internet friends,

let’s start with something really important: Fact-checking Owl City’s description of being hugged by 10,000 fireflies
Okay, maybe not that important, but now that I have that song stuck in my ears I wanted to share that joy with you. Sharing is caring.


Apparently this is a real job: China’s Mistress-Dispellers and that is pretty fascinating. Would I watch a Netflix series about these people? I probably would.


There is a whole sector of the publishing industry devoted to rumors and leaks around technology products, mostly those from Apple. And now there is this: Leaked recording: Inside Apple’s global war on leakers
Good god.


I really enjoyed this article on how Learning to Skateboard When You’re an Adult Is Extremely Embarrassing.
(Side note: is is a coincidence that the Broadly text logo is so similar to the German Brigitte?)


I can’t wait for a future where Amazon plants big beehives for their delivery drones into cities – maybe built by nanobots and with structures completely planned by deep learning AIs: Amazon’s vision for the future: delivery drone beehives in every city
The MetaFilter thread for this article is gold, especially but not only for this comment:

2037: CAPTCHA’s grow more strict every year. Slip up, and you’re locked out of your Amazon account, your apartment, your job, your life. Renegades hide out in abandoned big-box stores and survive on what they can shoot down. Arecibo Noether, daughter of elite Prime Members, never thought she would end up as one of them but

Once again: I would totally read/watch this.