A weekly-ish email to my internet friends

Online Dating

17: Books

Hello internet friends! This is a very pretty photo of a Boeing 777. Why the sudden Boeing? I just finished reading Skyfaring – the book I mentioned two weeks ago. And now I am looking at aircraft pictures, because nerd. It’s a good book, though. Another book that made its rounds on the internet – […]

82: The Orange of Everything

Hello, internet friends! I signed up here – the dangers of it becoming a Tamagotchi are pretty small, though. I mean, after all: this. Onwards! Always good to know: What caused Gandhi’s insatiable bloodlust. Well, in the first Civilization game at least. Talking about numbers that don’t add up – here is Ev Williams’ take […]

43: Figs

Hello, internet friends! I really don’t have much to say today, so here is an email that looks like my blog over on tumblr.1 (Hehe. A face palm in a dating app. Maybe a date palm? (I’m so, so sorry.)) Talking about Tumblr and Tinder: apps/websites whose main purpose is to meet people in a […]