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A whole lot of William Gibson

Written by dominik on

Hello internet friends!

This weekend I flooded my kitchen with coffee.

I also finished reading William Gibson’s new book “The Peripheral” and it is unsurprisingly very good.
I always thought that it is unneccesary to tell people about him and his work, but “What’s a William Gibson book? Is that like Harry Potter?” made me rethink that.
Turns out, William Gibson is already here, he’s just not very evenly distributed.

Of course a new William Gibson book also means a lot of William Gibson interviews. Here are some I enjoyed: (Warning, some are quite spoilery)

And then there is this long portrait of Mr Gibson.

That should keep you busy for a while – if you’re not that interested, here, have a sleeping puppy:

Or the best wombat movie ever made.

Or some Japanese rock music.

Be safe.