A weekly-ish email to my internet friends



Shut up.

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Dear internet friends,

first a quick note to my male internet friends, who also happen to use the Secret app: I sure hope it’s just one of you guys who keeps posting those whiny borderline-MRA-type posts. Honestly, I had a better opinion of you.


Now on to follow-up! I got a little analog kitchen scale and a measuring cup, so if for some reason I get too much sun again and decide to bake something, I am prepared!
And talking about prepared – of course I was not left alone, scared and coffee-less after I broke my French Press. Thanks to my ever-growing collection of coffee making utensils, I managed to only be alone and scared.


And now, a bunch of links!

The Baffling Genius of Jason Derulo – well, I learned about Balkan Beat Box that way and might have scared and/or confused my neighbors by listening to that on a rather loud level yesterday afternoon.

Well, that’s one way to promote your service: Uber is offering helicopter rides over Mumbai and Bangalore for $85 – hey, for that price, I’d take a helicopter for a trip once or twice a month, nbd.


Here, have a baby hippo and a good Monday.